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Great Shift: Most of the world's population permanently shifts into random bodies.
Exchange Island: A special vacation spot in which you spend the week in another visitor's body.
Swap Class: A controversial high school class many parents force their children to take; spend some time (usually 2 weeks) in a classmate's body of the opposite gender, and become a more "open-minded" person.
Long Distance Body Swapping: To save time, some companies have potential employees from far away swap bodies with one of their own (sometimes female) employees for an interview. Swap facilities book up quickly, so an overnight stay is often required.
The Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event (FOSE): Thousands of people having an orgasm to a fantasy suddenly swap bodies with that person due to a strange cosmic radiation that passes through the Earth (MY IDEA! Feel free to use, of course).


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Daddy tries his best to be mommy

Changing in the back seat

Caught playing catcher (explicit, sort of)

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They'll do ANYTHING to change back (explicit)

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Shifted couple

A quarterback embracing his womanhood (explicit) (gif)

Original gif from Sam

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hi y'all!  Since I now have well over 2 million views (about 16,000 per day), I'd like to give a shout-out to everyone and thank you for visiting and COMMENTING, which is what keeps me going.

Since I love talking about myself, I figure I'd open up the floor for a Q&A.  Ask me anything about myself or this blog in the comments section of this post, and I'll respond.


Great Shift advice

Sucking his daughter's boyfriend's cock (explicit)

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Nude beach in his daughter's body